What is Rapid Dispatch?

Rapid Dispatch is a web based system designed specifically for the dispatchers. It is a real-time, web based application equipped with scheduling and dispatch functions. The members also get a custom website on which they can monitor their colleagues. The system is designed to guarantee success in deliveries. There is a 24/7 customer support. This is the solution union presidents and dispatchers have been searching for to increase their business speed and guarantee security.

Who is the system for?

San Diego Rapid Dispatch can be used by practically anyone who deals with product deliveries. It does not matter whether a client deals with medical supplies, or legal documents. The system guarantees not only reliability but also privacy and safety.

Why Rapid Dispatch?

The search for effective and cost efficient ways to schedule and dispatch members using current technologies has always been high. The problem is that the union managements lacked the time, capital and expertise to develop the perfect software to handle this task. The Rapid Dispatch San Diego is the answer to what investors have been looking for. The software has been created by professionals and the cost has been shared to cut down on subscription cost. The software has been developed to provide high speed in transactions and to exceed the seething demands of heavy scheduling during the peak periods. The software further generates data archives in real time for future reference.

How does the software assist with communication?

In order to make the information on scheduling available to all involved parties, the Rapid Dispatch is attached to a dynamic content management website. The website is accessible by each subscriber from the union. It includes scheduling feeds from the software which give information on the availability of a member as well as the job schedules. The website also has direct feeds from the RSS, NOAA, local news and the Associated Press. The schedules of the union are also displayed on a personal page for individual unions.

What are the cost benefits?

In the recent past, unions had to invest a great deal of time and money to promote communication. The use of the San Diego Rapid Dispatch helps in dealing with this costs. The software is web-based and has affordable subscription rates. After subscribing, unions get to enjoy the robust resources provided without additional expenses.


  • Members can watch the job schedules in real-time using internet connected devices
  • Scheduling is paperless
  • Reduces dispatcher scheduling calls by about 40%
  • There is no software installation since the software is completely web based
  • No maintenance costs
  • No data loss
  • Real time data backup

What are the costs?

With the Rapid Dispatch San Diego, there is a one-time set-up fee. The fee covers the installation of the Union ID profile, website content management, member web page creation and online manual and training. The number of members in a union determines the amount of monthly subscription fees. There are also a number of value added services. System maintenance is done by the service provider at no cost to the client.