It is very important that your account setup is thoroughly reviewed and accurate, so we will always make sure we take the time we need to get your answering service or call center account set up properly. Depending on the complexity of your account, we normally have you up and running in a few days.
There are many ways to forward your phones to our telephone answering service. The most popular method is to use a call forwarding service from your telephone company. There are several different options:
    • Traditional call forwarding requires you to select the line you want to forward and dial an access code followed by the number you want to forward to.
    • Most phone companies also offer “No Answer Transfer” and “Busy Call Forward” options. No Answer Transfer lets you set a predetermined number of rings after which your call will forward to a predetermined number. Busy Call Forward is similar but activates when you are on the phone.
    • Some phone companies also offer “Ultra Call Forward” which lets you dial a toll-free number and walk through a series of prompts to forward your number. This service can be used from anywhere and you do not need to be calling from the number you want to forward to our telephone answering service, which is very convenient.
    • Telephone numbers can also be “Remote Call Forwarded” which is actually a permanent redirect from your telephone to the answering service. You cannot turn this feature on and off; it is set at the phone company.
    • Some customers use their in-house phone systems to forward the calls to the answering service call center. We recommend this only as a last resort. Many phone systems have degradation in call quality when this is used.
You will have a unique telephone number for your account. You forward your calls to that telephone number. When that number rings at our call center, our system reads the number and launches your account for the call center agent. This allows us to answer in your company name and follow your unique instructions.
You can get your messages in whatever format or formats best suit your needs, 24/7. We deliver messages via fax, email, SMS messaging, alpha pager, digital pager, text messaging, or verbally over the phone or the web. You can select any of these in any combination. For example, we can send an SMS text message to your cell phone and you can later retrieve that same message on the web, and then get a summary fax the next morning. You can also arrange the delivery of messages. Emergencies can sent via text message to your cell phone and routine calls are held for the next morning. A summary fax or email (or both) recap the previous day’s messages.
No limit. You have maximum flexibility to set this up so it works for you.
Absolutely. We often dispatch messages to multiple devices for individuals. Our goal is maximum flexibility to accommodate your needs.
You can make unlimited changes to your script at any time. Please contact your customer service representative to discuss these changes. Programming charges may apply for some changes.
Certainly. Calls to your cell phone can be forwarded to our answering service. Please contact your customer service representative to arrange this.

More questions? Call us at 800.369.8741.