What is No Answer Transfer?

There is nothing more frustrating than your call not being answered. This is what has cost many businesses many clients especially when dealing with international clients. When clients contact a firm and their calls fail to be answered, they often turn away. The use of an answering machine could be great but it is also unacceptable due to the fact that it has limited response options. The best solution, today, is the use of a no answer transfer option.

What is it?

Just as the phrase depicts, the no answer transfer San Diego is an option where an unanswered phone call is automatically redirected to another number of choice. The alternative number has to be selected by the user. Often, the number is the second phone number of the recipient or the phone number of the subordinate or somebody that can handle the needs of the caller. The incoming calls first rings on your phone before they are automatically forwarded to a predetermined number. The predetermined number could be that of an outsourcing company fully equipped to respond to your client’s needs.

What are the benefits?

The grand benefit of using San Diego no answer transfer service is never missing a call. It can be difficult to always be within a short distance to your office phone. At times, you will be in other departments or off for lunch. By using the call transfer service, you will always be able to answer your calls regardless of your location. This is because they will be redirected to your cell phone.

Second, as an investor, never missing a call means you will never again miss a juicy business lead. This is a common occurrence when dealing with landlines. When you are off for the day, you will leave the phone in the office. This means any call received when you are away will be redirected to the answering machine or go on unanswered. This can easily cost you leads. On the other hand, using a no answer transfer will ensure you get the calls when you are not in the office or away from your cell phone.

The use of the no answer transfer San Diego service will also help you cut down on roaming charges when travelling internationally. All you need to do is purchase a local phone number and forward all your calls to it. When being contacted through your personal line, the calls will be transferred to you and you will be able to use the local rates.

Improved customer support will be achieved when using this service. This is because you will always be reachable regardless of your location. All the calls will be transferred to your subordinates who will respond to your clients in the best way possible. This will lead to customer satisfaction.

When closing for the day, it is important to note that the San Diego no answer transfer can be redirected to an outsourcing company. When there is nobody in the office, all your calls will be transferred to a third party who understands your business needs and one that has been extensively trained to handle your clients.