How our answering services can provide a Professional Receptionist?

It is the desire of every firm to bring on board the best receptionist. This is not easy. People will always be different and regardless of how professional your receptionist is, she will soon be overwhelmed by the huge call volume. Getting the best receptionist often means paying more for the answering services. This is not the case when working with AnswerCalifornia. We will not only give you the most experienced call answering agents but also the most competitive rates as your professional receptionist. There are a number of things that make us your ideal virtual receptionist.

The best call answering systems

The professionalism of a live agent will always be affected by the systems he or she uses. If the system is poor, chances are his services will not be as reliable. As your virtual San Diego professional receptionist, we at AnswerCalifornia make use of the best call answering systems. Our systems are well maintained and have the capability of storing extensive date on your protocols, policies as well as products. We have onsite technicians to fix system problems before they cause any problem.

Always available

Being always available to meet your needs is another reason why we will be your most professional receptionist in San Diego. An onsite receptionist will always need breaks between working hours and at the end of the day. This is not the case with our live agents. We work in shifts and we ensure there are more than enough live agents to handle calls even when it is a public holiday. We offer our services 24/7/365.

Bilingual services

Having live agents who can converse fluently in both Spanish and English is another reason why you should consider us as your professional receptionist. We will help you expand your reach to the Spanish market. We will help you break the language barriers at no added cost.

Take and deliver messages

Just as your onsite receptionist, we will take and deliver messages. When calls are made in the wee hours of the night or at a time when we cannot transfer urgent calls to you, we will take the caller’s message and relay it to you at the right time. Additionally, we will help you manage your website, emails and chat rooms.

Appointment management

Using an online calendaring system, we are able to set appointments on your behalf. This is an added advantage especially when considering some callers will make their reservations in the wee hours of the night. We will further take the liberty of contacting your clients to remind them of their appointments.

Lead generation

There is no San Diego professional receptionist that will handle your leads better than we do. In addition to helping you generate leads; we will counter the impact of your advertisements in the target market and grade all your leads. This will ensure that you only respond to the most important leads.

Finally, as your virtual professional receptionist, you will only worry about one price for many services. Give us a call today and allow us to transform your customer service for the better.