How our answering services can help Therapists

When it comes to answering services, Answer California is defined by professionalism. Our answering services range from afterhours answering to bilingual services to 24/7/365 days per year live answering service. We offer tailored answering packages to not only lift the heavy call management burden off your shoulders but also to help you thrive.

24/7 support

As a therapist, we understand that your goal is to resolve the problems of your patients. We have designed a number of packages for therapists San Diego. With our answering services, you can be guaranteed of 24/7 live answering services. We have perfected the quality of our services over the years. We pair answering services with state-of-the-art call center equipment in order to keep you on track every minute of every day all year long.

Live agents

Our toll free number will further help your practice in a great way. When troubled, it is hard for a person to stomach unanswered calls leave alone respond to the questions of the answering machine. Often, when calls are unanswered within the first ten rings, most people hang up and will most likely turn to a different therapist. Answer California works hard to ensure this never happens. Our team of professional receptionists strives to see to it that 90% of the calls made are answered within the first four rings. Additionally, being a team of live call answering agent’s means your clients will feel well cared for and will have more options when contacting your office.

More call handling options

At times, a client wants to talk to you directly. To make sure he or she is not limited, we offer the call transfer & routing option. We will transfer all urgent calls to your office or to your designated cell phone number. What is more is that we will take messages and deliver them to you. When working with us, we guarantee that clients contacting your San Diego therapists never end up with the answering machine or their calls being ignored.

More services

In addition to call answering, we help therapists by offering a range of other services. These services include bilingual services, urgent call handling, dynamic scripting, online web tools and email management and then some. We do this to guarantee you concentrate in your work, have the much deserved peace of mind and help your firm grow.

Reputation management

Reputation management is one of our specialties. Mistakes are inevitable and people will always have something good or bad to tell about you. In managing the reputation of therapists San Diego, we offer superior call answering services and ensure that you never have to worry about the quality of your call center but the wellbeing of your clients. Additionally, we will answer all the calls in your firm’s name.

Appointment management

San Diego therapists also benefit from our appointment management services. We achieve this by utilizing your online calendar. This enables us to see which dates you will be free. We then make appointments without ever troubling you.

The grand benefit of using our services is being able to cut down on operating expenses. For a single monthly price, we cover all the call center management expenses on your behalf. You never have to worry about recruiting, managing or refurbishing. Call us today and let us design a package that will take your firm to the next level.