How our answering services can help General Contractors.

The general contractor plays an essential role in the oversight of construction sites, managing vendors, trades as well as relaying information to the parties involved. Answer California has tailored a range of services for the San Diego general contractors. We do understand that your goal is to remain in touch and liaise with the parties involved in the most comprehensive and convenient way possible. Consequently, we have come up with a range of services to assist you with your day-to-day endeavors. Our answering services can help the general contractors in many ways.


General contractors San Diego want to be associated with professionalism. This is what dictates whether they will get new clients or lose their existing ones. The quality of services you offer says a lot about yourself. If you are always unreachable, chances are fewer clients will consider you for the management of their projects. The same applies if you are not a dependable communicator.  At Answer California, we strive to make you as professional as possible. We achieve this by offering a team of the best call center agents to work for you. We also use the latest technology in call answering. We answer all calls within the shortest period of time and guarantee 24/7 customer support services.

Generate Leads

There are many general contractors in San Diego. Finding the best paying jobs can be difficult. As a result, our services will further help in marketing you. We offer lead generation services, lead capture tools as well as bilingual services. We will help you be the first to know of the newest projects in the market as well as help you radiate professionalism.

Reduce Operating Cost

Our services are not only aimed at helping you exude professionalism but also increase your return on investment. At Answer California, we understand that a lot of time and money is spent in call management. We therefore offer you the most affordable call answering services. With our services, you never have to setup a call center or spend your time and money hiring and training new staffs. We take this burden under our wings. With all our professional services, you only pay a single monthly price.

Appointment Management

This is another service that will benefit general contractors San Diego in a great way. Clients can make or change appointments at any time of day. To meet their needs comprehensively, you must be available to help them out. We use your online calendar to view your schedules and set appointments on your behalf. This will give you the much deserved peace of mind.

Message Delivery

The line of work of general contractors is mainly associated with message taking and delivery. With many calls being made to your office, it can be hard to pay attention to all of them. This is where we come in. We will take messages and deliver them to the relevant departments or individuals in a timely and clear manner. What is more is that we will help you transfer and route calls accordingly.

Our services mainly help San Diego general contractors by improving their reputation. We will help you handle your clients more professionally. Contact us today for a deal that will change your life for better.