How our answering services can help Family Law.

Family Law deals with all issues facing families. This ranges from divorces to custody battles to adoption issues and then some. The attorneys help families through happy and sad moments. All in all, there comes a time when you, as an attorney, have to rest without losing contact with your clients. We understand and appreciate the work you do to families. This is why we at Answer California have come up with packages specifically tailored for you. Our answering services can help family law in more ways than one.

Be available

At the end of the day, you have to leave the office and get some rest. This is not good if you are dealing with an international clientele. Answer California offers comprehensive services that ensure you get all the rest you need and still be in contact with your prospective clients. Our company offers compassionate and competent Business Support Associates who understand the legal terms and needs of clients. This team will offer 24 hours a day support and be available for 365 days a year. We will answer the questions of your clients’, take calls in your San Diego family law firm’s name and forward messages to you. This availability will enhance your firm’s reputation.

Range of services for Family law firms

It is not all the time that callers will be looking for answers to their seething questions. At times, they will be interested in making appointments. Answer California offers a range of services to meet the needs of clients. We offer round the clock call answering services, after-hours support, call routing and transfer which includes the management of urgent calls, appointment management as well as bilingual services. When working with us, you will be assured of all your call needs being handled under one roof by professionals.

Rigorous screening of our staffs

We understand firms in family law San Diego handle sensitive matters. As a result, we thoroughly screen our staffs for confidentiality and discreetness. All our staffs are closely monitored for quality purposes and supervised to ensure they never veer off course. Before being assigned a task, our staffs must demonstrate remarkable customer care skills as well as complete specific training in the industry.

Save time and money

Once we understand what your business deals with, we will take everything under our wings. With a single monthly price, you will get unparalleled customer support services in family law and never worry about maintenance and staffing. We do all the call handling work for you and make changes according to your wishes.

Answer California works in accordance to your specifications. Prior to offering our services, we first meet with you to discuss the essence of your San Diego family law firm. This is done to give us an overview of what you deal with and also to help us come up with a custom package for you. Your custom package will be all about compassion and discretion. Get in touch today to get a package that will transform your practice for better.