How our answering services can be your emergency response team?

In the present day and age of unpredictable computer systems and ever changing economic climate, emergencies are virtually inevitable. Your receptionist may call in sick, your business premises may be experiencing power outages or your call center systems may be down among other unprecedented situations. When faced by such problems, AnswerCalifornia has been fully equipped to serve as your San Diego emergency response team. We offer a range of services to keep your business running.

24/7 live answering

At AnswerCalifornia, we never sleep. We are always available to answer calls, respond to emails and manage lead generation tools. All this has been made possible by our staffs being available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our highly trained and experienced associates are backed by a cutting edge customer relationship management system. Our systems are able to store extensive amount of information on your business protocols, policies as well as products. When your systems are down, we will always be up to keep your phone lines open. We have a large team to handle your high call volume and to keep our systems running smoothly.

Toll free numbers

Being able to respond to all the calls promptly is the key to retaining your clients. This is why we offer a number of toll free numbers. This makes us your ideal San Diego emergency response team because we are able to answer 90% of all the calls within the first four rings. Our large team of business support associates is available 24/7. It does not matter whether you are a start-up business or a corporate; we have the tools to be your all rounded emergency response team.

Urgent call handling

Once we start working with you, we request that you determine which calls you deem urgent and which ones you do not. This is because urgent calls require rapid responses and we put most of our efforts in them. When it is an urgent call, the right urgent call handling instructions will be made available on the associates computer screen so that they are able to answer the call in your unique telephone number. As your emergency response team, we always make sure that your firm is up and running.

Take messages

At times, when handling calls, we might be unable to get in touch with you. At this time, we will take messages from your callers and deliver it to you at the right time. Additionally, as your San Diego emergency response team, we will always breakdown the message so that you are able to spend less time going through it.

Page personnel  

As your San Diego emergency response team, we will help with paging services. We will page the relevant personnel so as to get you on track as soon as possible. We can call your maintenance company or call the technician to help the persons stranded in the elevator.

Our goal is to keep your firm running and to keep elevating your reputation. If you are looking for a way to elevate your company’s reputation and keep it running all year round, call us today and we will make your dream a reality.