How our answering service can support your Day Care Center?

Would you leave your son or daughter under the care of a complete stranger who is always unreachable? Off course you wouldn’t. As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. Therefore, as a day care center, you need to put more effort in winning the trust of parents. Delivering the best customer support services is one of the most effective ways of doing this. It is not as difficult to achieve this especially when working with the best in contact center solutions. AnswerCalifornia is a leader in call answering services and the services it offers will significantly improve the image of your San Diego day care center. Here is how.

Better call answering services

Parents are always overprotective of their kids. As a result, you will expect a high call volume all day long. If you care for a dozen kids, these call volume will definitely overwhelm you. At times, you may feel as though the parents are becoming a nuisance but this is a natural instinct. Our answering services to a day care center helps by handling all your calls. We will always be in direct contact with you so that we are able to answer the questions of parents appropriately and also alert you in case of an urgent call. This will give parents the much deserved peace of mind. An improved customer service will further help your day care center flourish because more parents will have faith in you.

Update parents

In addition to answering calls, AnswerCalifornia will help pass urgent messages to the parents. We do this via text, calls and through various online communication channels such as email and online chats. If you need to pass an urgent message to parents, we are here to help. We will also help your San Diego day care center with schedule management.

After-hours services

Even when you are off for the day, some parents will still contact you to request information. Some want to know how their kids performed and others just want to know if there is an open spot for their kids. Our after-hours services will help keep the doors of your day care center open. We will take messages, answer questions and forward the calls you deem urgent to your mobile phone.

Bilingual services

Not all parents can converse fluently in English. Some of the people calling your day care center in San Diego are fluent in Spanish. Conversing in the native tongue of a parent will certainly help you develop an intimate relationship with him or her. We have a team of associates to offer the bilingual services.

Online support

Emails and online chats are more popular than ever before. To cater for the needs of parents who prefer this channel of communication, AnswerCalifornia offers a range of web services. We will respond to emails, engage parents in chat rooms and also offer a range of other online access services such as the online calendaring system.

AnswerCalifornia is here to help your San Diego day care center grow. Give us a call today and start paying one price for a range of professional call answering services.