Doctor Paging

Over 80% of physicians in the United States own smart phones. However, in spite of this popularity, the greater percentage of physicians carries pagers. This is because of the indispensable nature of these devices. Today, if you are looking for a more affordable solution to page your doctors, the best thing you can do is consider the San Diego doctor paging outsource services.

Why outsource?

There are many reasons why you should outsource. First, outsourcing will enable you to cut down on operating expenses. It is obvious that if you want to page your doctors personally you will have to acquire the right equipment and staffs to handle the work. This can be expensive. With the outsourcing option, all you need to do is discuss your needs with the service provider and you are set after signing the contract. The work will be handled in an offsite facility and at a fraction of the cost.

Second, outsourcing for doctor paging San Diego will guarantee you of professional services. The work is handled by trained associates working with the best systems the market has to offer. Consequently, the nature of service you will get will be unparalleled. The fact that the services are rendered round the clock is another reason why you will be able to maintain professionalism.

Why use pagers?

The advent of smart phone paging apps has proven feasible of replacing pagers. However, before you retire your pager, it is important to understand that the smart phone apps are as reliable as the cell phone and Wi-Fi network. Any compromise can lead to immense problems. Traditional pagers are not affected by cellular networks.

Another aspect that makes paging apps unreliable is the fact that cellular networks get overloaded during emergencies. At this stage, it can be difficult for doctors to get the notifications they need to respond to an emergency. The pagers, on the other hand, use dedicated networks which are uninterruptable. This means doctors will always be reachable regardless of the time or location.

It is also significant to note that pagers use the simulcast technology. This is a technology in which the same message is sent to every transmitter at the same time. This is unlike the cellular network which sends messages from one site at a time. This can cause delays.

The grand reason why pagers are still in use in doctor paging San Diego is because they have a stronger broadcast power. When compared to cellular networks, the paging systems have seven times more power. This leads to better signal penetration for a more reliable message delivery.


There are other reasons why the pager is still a preferred broadcast solution in San Diego doctor paging. However, it does not hurt to adopt the new technology if you find it more convenient. When working with an outsource company, you need to discuss your needs and look at all the options provided to you when it comes to doctor paging. Going through the terms of service will also help make a good decision.