What is Remote Call Forward?

Remote Call Forward is simply a service feature that allows for calls being made to a specific number to be automatically forwarded to a specified answering location which has been designated by the call receiver. This means when you are moving to a new location with a different telephone exchange, you do not need to change your phone number. This makes you reachable through your old line regardless of your location. The service is particularly beneficial to business people.

What are the benefits?

The service offers many benefits to both businesses and individuals. All you need to do is select the package that is right for you and specify the answering location. You can always change this information every time you move. There are three major benefits you will be guaranteed of when using San Diego Remote Call Forward services.

Few expenses

As a business person, it is obvious that hundreds of people have your phone number. Informing all of them of the change of phone number can be difficult. This is especially so when considering that some clients were recommended to you and you might not be having their phone number. The effort to inform clients of the change can be expensive.

With the services in Remote Call Forward San Diego, your clients will be able to contact you through your old number and still manage to reach you. What is more is that you never have to incur more expenses changing your marketing literature. The phone number on your letter head, business logo and other publications remains the same and you will still be reachable.

Maintain old number

Another remarkable benefit associated with Remote Call Forward is the ability to maintain your old phone number. Your clients and friends will always associate you with a single phone number. When you change the number, you will certainly lose most of your clients and even friends. The service in remote call forward San Diego ensures you never change your phone number.

Build customer confident

Lastly, being able to maintain a single phone number will build the confidence of you clients. It is hard to gain the confidence of other people if you keep on changing your phone number. Often, this exudes irresponsibility and at times people might take you for a fraud. San Diego Remote Call Forward enables you to keep your old number regardless of your location.

What are the costs?

The remote call forward comes with a single call path. If you need additionally paths, you will be charged for every addition. A single path handles one simultaneous call whereas two paths will enable two callers to call the number and be forwarded at the same time. It is also possible to purchase the VoIP paths.

The cost of a path is dependent on whether the line is basic (residential) or premium (business). The cost will also be influenced by the service provider. After setup, you will be required to pay for line rental. Some service providers will also ask you to subscribe to a 12 months rental contract.