How our answering services can help Small Business.

The small and start-up businesses face many challenges as they venture into a new market. They have to compete with large companies as well as convince prospective clients that their products and services are better. Statistics show that more than 70% of small and start-up businesses fail. This does not need to happen to you. At AnswerCalifornia, we take great pride in seeing you succeed. As a result, we have come up with a range of call answering services to help the San Diego small business emerge victorious.

How can AnswerCalifornia help you succeed?

Handle more calls

As a small business, it is obvious that you are not able to hire as many staffs as you wish to. As a result, as the number of calls increase, you end up being forced to direct most of your callers to the answering machine. To most people, this radiates unprofessionalism. We are here to change all that. We have tailored a range of call answering services to assist SMEs without straining their resources. Once you start working with us, it does not matter how many calls you receive per minute, we have the resources to help you respond to all of them. We will only charge you a single price for a range of call answering services which include email and chat management.

Lead generation

The secret to success as a small business San Diego is to win as many clients as possible. This is not possible with mere advertising. It is for this reason that we have come up with a range of lead generation services. We will provide you with lead generation tools, lead grading and capture services. Moreover, our professional staffs will always be available to respond to the calls of prospective clients responding to your Ads. We are always available 24/7/365.

24/7 Availability

The beauty of having a team that is available 24/7, 365 days a year is being able to keep the doors of your small business San Diego running all year round. This will help you respond to both local and international clients. We will offer you such services as after-hours call answering, message taking and deliver, email and chat management, bilingual services and much more. We only forward or transfer calls you term urgent. The knowledge we will acquire regarding your business will further help you respond to the questions of your clients and help with appointment management.

Lower operating costs

We will help you lower operating costs by taking the burden of maintaining an onsite call center off your hands. We do our own hiring and training and we manage our call centers without troubling you. You will also never have to worry about employee benefits or following up with absenteeism or misconduct.

Generally speaking, our call answering services to your San Diego small business will significantly boost your reputation and increase your chances of success. Give us a call today and let us design a plan that will put your business ahead of the herd.