How our answering services can help Emergency Dispatch.

It is never easy being in the Emergency Dispatch department. Many urgent calls come in and most of them need decisions in a split second. For a small organization, it can be both expensive and difficult to run an onsite call center dealing with emergency dispatches. The same applies to other firms that deal with urgent calls. To manage all calls speedily, more staffs have to be hired and better pieces of equipment added. This can be expensive and at times impractical for a small firm. This is where our services come in. At AnswerCalifornia, we have come up with a range of professional packages tailored for the San Diego Emergency Dispatch. These services can help in a number of ways.

Call services

The first benefit you will enjoy from our call answering services is the superior call handling support. We are an organization specializing in call handling. As a result, we have a large team of live agents who are highly trained and motivated. We strive to answer all calls in less than five seconds. This is ideal for an Emergency Dispatch.

Call transfer

At times, some of the calls need to be transferred to the relevant department or individual. We offer an urgent call transfer service. Once an urgent call has been received, it is transferred to you and your on-call team immediately. Not only will your staffs deal with the urgent calls that matter but they will be able to save time which would otherwise have been spent dealing with random calls that are not urgent. Our staffs make sure that only calls that need to get to you do.


At times, callers need professional advice. To ensure they get the information they need, our staffs are familiarized with your firm and given information on relevant staffs. This enables us to answer calls appropriately. Our team will also be fully equipped to direct callers to the doctor or department they need without delays.

Appointment management

This is another great way our services to Emergency Dispatch San Diego will help. In the technologically advanced world, appointments are made or changed through the telephone services. Handling all this calls can be hard. This is where AnswerCalifornia comes in. We use your online calendar system to make, change or cancel appointments without troubling you. Our associates will then contact you to inform you of any change. What is more is that we follow up clients to confirm their appointments. The follow up service we offer guarantees a higher turn up.

Paging and message delivery

Most San Diego Emergency Dispatch organizations rely on short messages and paging. As an answering service provider, we answer all calls made to you then page the relevant team according to the instructions given. Our staffs also handle messages 24/7 to the relevant individuals or departments.

The services rendered by AnswerCalifornia can help Emergency Dispatch in many ways. All you need to do is call us and let us design a package that will match your clients’ and organization needs.