How Our Answering Services can Help Claims Adjusters.

On a daily basis, the Claims Adjusters have to deal with high volumes of calls. The calls originate from the companies they work for, from police, witnesses, claimants, hospitals and many other individuals and organizations. This is overwhelming and causes Claims Adjusters San Diego to end up spending more money on call center equipment and staffs. This does not have to be the case. We have a range of services at Answer California that can help cut down on operating expenses, reduce the burden on your staffs and speed up processes

Anonymous Interviews

When investigating a claim, the San Diego Claims Adjusters have to interview many respondents to get a clear picture of the matter. Often, when doing this, the responses given might be biased because some individuals are afraid of telling the truth that might land them in problems with their superiors. To elude this problem especially when dealing with sensitive matters, Answer California offers such services as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This is a system over which respondents can answer a chain of questions designed by the Claims Adjusters San Diego anonymously. By not worrying about their identity being leaked, they will be as truthful as possible.

24/7 Call Services

When dealing with an international clientele, most of the calls received come in at the weirdest of hours. To guarantee that respondents are not left hanging, we offer round the clock customer support services. Our services are not limited by the day of the week or holidays. We have highly trained and motivated staffs who handle calls at any time of day and in accordance with the directions of the Claims Adjusters. All the information is then relayed to the claim adjuster in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Save time and money

In addition to interviewing respondents, San Diego Claims Adjusters have to inspect the damaged property and paperwork. This makes multitasking difficult and more expensive. Answer California works hard to alleviate this burden. We do this by handling all your call needs. This will eliminate the need of setting up an onsite call answering center or hiring new staffs. Our services will hence enable you to cut down on operating expenses and give you more time to concentrate on other seething matters.

Toll free numbers

When outsourcing your interviewing and call needs to us, you never have to worry about us being unreachable. We have a large team of live call agents, the best call center equipments and we use toll free numbers. We are always available to meet your needs and those of your clients.

More features to expect

  • Message taking
  • Email and text message delivery
  • Customer and dynamic scripting
  • Lead capture tools
  • Online web tools
  • Custom scripting

Our services are geared towards helping Claims Adjusters in San Diego succeed in their endeavors peacefully. You only pay one monthly price for a range of services. Please feel free to review our plans and pricing and to contact us for more details information on our range of services.