How our answering services can help Banks.

Gone are the day people relied on a single bank in a region. Today, there is a different bank every few blocks. This makes the competition steeper for new and old bankers alike. If you have heard your customers complain or your account retention is nose diving each passing day, you should try our brand of customer care. At Answer California, we are more interested in building your client base by making your clients happy.

Unswerving customer support

Most customers complain because they feel ignored. This is common when their calls end up to the answering machine. This is a problem we are fully equipped to deal with. At Answer California, we offer superior customer care to your clients through email, telephone and web chat. Our services are available 24/7 all year round. It does not matter whether there is a holiday or not, our team is always there to handle your call needs.  When you are off for the day, our staffs will take messages, transfer calls, page relevant personnel as well as continue processing applications. Our goal is to make your clients happy and comprehensively served.

Knowledgeable staffs

Financial information is always taken seriously. A client will certainly walk away when the person on the receiving end does not understand what he is talking about. To enhance your reputation, we take our staffs through rigorous training to help them understand the basic terminology and rules. This ensures they speak the language of San Diego banks and address the needs of clients accordingly. We are here to make your clients feel right at home and well cared for by a team that is always available and ready to help.

Call answered in your name

When working with us, you can be guaranteed that all your calls will be answered in your credit union’s or bank name. We do this to ensure that clients feel they are being handled by your staffs and not third parties. Answer California basically serves as your extension. When creating an account with us, we will gather information about your banks. This information will then be used by our teams to identifying themselves as your own staffs. The innovative systems we use enable us to handle all your calls with the exact specifications.


Banks in San Diego are sensitive entities. To ensure no sensitive information is leaked, we take our staffs through thorough screening during the initial hiring process. This is done for the purposes of discretion and confidentiality across organizations. All your interests are protected.

Benefits to expect

We have been offering call services to San Diego banks for years. When working with us, you will benefit from a single monthly price, affordable plans, low overhead expenses, increased retention, better lead generation and better workflow. You will never worry again about the condition of your call center. We do all the work for you.

Answer California guarantees discretion and the most competitive rates in call services. We do not leave anything to chance. Contact us today to learn about our banks services and pricing.