Can I access my messages from home?

Yes you can. We are a call answering service provider and our primary goal is to help you achieve the convenience that will help you make the most of your day. Our message handling services are available whenever you need support. You can choose our services during the normal working day or when you are out of the office. You only need to divert calls to one of our many designated phone numbers and our call answering associates will respond to the calls and pass the message to you in the most appropriate way possible. Our San Diego call center serves as your virtual receptionist.


AnswerCalifornia is a call center service provider in San Diego that understands the plight of both small and large businesses. We have come up with a range of call handling services to not only smooth communication but also to help you lower your operating costs. We deal with your callers in the most efficient and friendly manner possible. All our call associates work as though they are working in your surroundings. It is not easy for your clients to distinguish them from your onsite call center San Diego staffs. We answer the calls in your name and we can take calls requesting emergency response handling or liaise with any support team without troubling you.

Our staffs are thoroughly screened, constantly monitored and highly motivated. We also require them to undertake continuous training to improve their skills.  All the calls are answered in less than 4 seconds. When it comes to message delivery from our call center, we take great care so as not to compromise the information.

Message delivery

In message delivery, we use a range of options to achieve this. You can choose to have the message delivered via phone, fax, email or SMS. We can deliver the message from our call center to a pager or a mobile phone. In all that we do, your instructions are followed regarding call escalation, filtering out and prioritization.

At AnswerCalifornia, we understand the importance of a message getting to you at the right time and in the right form. Rigorous tracking procedures are performed to confirm that the message has been delivered. All the conversations and messages are recorded and stored appropriately so that they are used to resolve problems in the future. You can also request this information if you want to train new staffs.

Still on message delivery, we offer full audit trail. This will give you detailed monthly call logs which shows the name of every caller, time, date as well as the action taken. This is very important in reputation management and in monitoring the quality of services rendered.

With the professional services of our San Diego call center, you can be guaranteed of lowering your operating costs, improving the quality of you customer support services and also better managing your reputation. AnswerCalifornia will offer you a range of services at one monthly price. Give us a call today and let us get started.